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    Wanting some advice on a "Rotary Table".
    I'm wanting an angle rotary table with the ability to add divider plates. Would be used for hobby type work on a Clausing 8520 mill. Also have a SB 9 lathe so a plus would be having it use MT2 or MT3 tooling and threaded so my SB 9 chuck would mount.
    Any ideas on what to look at that's fairly:confused accurate, well constructed, and not too pricey ???
    Also not sure about size. I know it's somewhat dependent on piece size, but also don't see putting a 12" table on a small mill.

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    Rooter, I purchased a new 6" Phase II H/V rotary table with dividing plates and a tail stock a few years and have been very happy with it. I just looked on their web site and saw that they offer 10" and 12" tilting rotary tables also.

    Good luck,