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  • I've died and gone to heaven

    I wasn't going to say anything untill they arrived. I bid on some 31 issues of HSM on Ebay and got them. The price with shipping was less than $3.00 per issue. They are an assortment from 1984 to about 1989 and in fantastic shape. I had seen single copies going for $10.00 and more and figured this was too good to be true. Thank You Ebay. After a glance at them it's no wonder the earlier issues are so prised and valuable.It's too bad when you sign up for a subscription you couldn't specify what years you wanted them from. : :

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    Nice going! I've gotten some screamin' deals on there as well.


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      Well since I am not getting my copies as promised perhaps I can buy some off ebay.

      I got a renewal notice on this magazine. I guess the postmaster didn't see this issue, or?? I need to renew so the postmaster or whoever won't miss a single issue. No, I won't be renewing.

      I have gotten about 3 magazines since I subscribed and am pissed. I am working on a nice letter I will let Carrol delete the 4 letter words out of to send to HSM.

      (ohh my did I just flame the owner of this bbs? oops, the truth hurts..)



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        You can buy the Projects books and get most of the articles in HSM about two years at a time per book. I have the first six which cover up until I started suscribing.
        Jim H.


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          Yes there are some ebay deals......recently found G.H. Thomas' "Workshop Techniques" for $12. Guess nobody else saw that one. There were also 133 issues of HSM, starting from day one, that didn't get a bid at $400. Might have to take out a second mortgage for the freight on that one if you're in Canada. Maybe they'll be back at $200 or broken into smaller qtys.


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            Your problem must be more with the USPO than Village Press. I get every issue (so far so good) but not always by the time I start to see reviews here.

            If you got ANY, they know you have a subscription.

            You want a problem? Subscribe to Gas Engine Magazine.

            I am missing issues because they

            1) can't send reminders (Ok my fault, but every other mag does send 'em.)

            2) Need about 6 mos to make sure they process the renewal in time to get the first issue of the renewal as the one after the last issue of the prior sub. It's not just me, a buddy of mine has had the same problem.
            Renew a sub which ends in NOV, first issue you get is next year in March. G.E.M. is no Gem on subs.


            Keep eye on ball.
            Hashim Khan


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              When I missed an issue or two and called the office they sent replacements out imediately - Don't blame them blame the bastiches at the postal orifice!


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                It has to be someone stealing them after they leave Village Press. My Feb. MW never came so I ordered a new one. This is the first one that I have lost since 1999 so I probably should count myself lucky but it still pisses me off.
                To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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                  I am convinced that Canadian Postal just waits for your mags... They must pass them around for all to read - before you get them... Can't blame them....

                  If you subscribed to a girlie mag, may be they would get so distracted that they would let your HSM through on time....



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                    I resubscribed after buying off the rack for awhile,I get both HSM and MW,do you guys find that one comes much later than the other?I got my MW the otherday,but no sign of the HSM.

                    I get about 6 mags a month counting HSM and Mw,sometimes I don't see a single one for two months then all the sudden 10 show up.
                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      I too think the post office is getting them.

                      That is the main reason I have not raised more hell.

                      Can you say brown paper bag? Evidently the magazine is sought after by people wanting to read it but once the clear wrapper is opened and a known crime is in progress. With at least a label printed on a magazine the crime is visible. Once the clear wrapped is gone and disposed of, no evidence.

                      I still won't pay for someone elses habits.

                      The sorry dogs.



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                        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:

                        With at least a label printed on a magazine the crime is visible.

                        This is a very good idea. Labels printed on, or stuck to, the magazine would be a deterent if it is post office employees ripping them off.
                        To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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                          Speaking of Canada Post I no longer re-up at the NRA through snail mail, it never seems to arrive.


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                            Subscribed to both since about '96 or '97. I only recall missing one cy. And was sent a replacement for that one as soon as I made it known to Village Press.
                            Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                              Just spent the weekend going through my hard earned prize (31 issues of HSM from ebay) and watchin the Amarikin Chopper extraviganza. Guess what. Damned near every article in last months HSM was in these mags. What gives. I might just as well subscribe to ebay. Talk about recycle. Does that mean that the articles were paid for twice as well. No wonder HSM can't afford some up to date new stuff . But I'm not here to gripe . The misses (girlfriend) was away at an all weekend dart tournament and I had control of the remote. Me , Paul, Pauley, Mikey and 31 classic copies of HSM . Life is good.