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  • Air Float Table

    Yup still wish to make one for my Heads . Any ideas tips guys on making one would be appreciated greatly. I have some of my fixtures almost done now mega work on the old bridgeport, drilled tapped 180 holes in 1/2 -13 through 1.5 inch billet aluminumn (my favorite word here) Thanx Mike

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    With all the look at's you might want to expound on what you want , an air table to me is something that floats on a film of air making it virtually friction-less.


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      Yea, and a "head" is the place you go to for bowel relief. :-)


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        Do you mean a flowbench?


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          My Peterson table has a fitting in the middle and a regulator set at 60 psi or so. I hit the foot valve and the table floats. If the pressure gets too low it might scrape a bit as I move it about. The previous owner installed one of thost nasty yellow hard plastic air coils between the table and base; the tension is enough to slide the table off the side if I don't keep a hand on it.

          I'm guessing a cheap regulator and a valve and you're ready to rock. If you're trying to slide over a T-slot table you might have to put a piece of sheet metal or something down first, to provide an uninterrupted surface.


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            Never heard of an air float table before. Any one care to post a picture? What are they used for?



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              Not an expert here, but I think he's talking about a shop built "seat & guide machine" for cylinder head work.
              I think most of the commercial ones have an "air float table" so that a cylinder head can be slid around almost effortlessly to re-position from seat to seat or guide to guide and then locked down somehow before machining the seat or guide.
              There's several guys doing cylinder head work on vertical mills with a rollover fixture but I don't know how you'd make a slotted table into an "air float". Maybe he's trying a different approach ?