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    I have been fortunate, lately, to be the recipient of stocks of fasteners from friends cleaning up. I have an extensive small fastener storage drawer system. With the small drawers already half full of various 8-32 flathead screws, there is no room for 150 more 8-32 1.5" brass FH screws. I have come to painting a few of the bulk screws red with spray paint and putting them in the existing drawer. That is a signal to me to look thru the Ziploc bags of fasteners on the bulk shelf. I'm sure most of you can remember what is in the bulk bins but at my age I need tricks. Hope someone else can use this to their advantage.

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    Simple and effective.
    That signal would also remind me that I have lots and I would tend to plan my project accordinly.
    We accumulate so much and we tend to forget what and were all that stuff is, so any reminder makes my shop time better.
    Thanks for posting


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      Also, you could get a small note pad and write a short reminder, then put the paper in the drawer.