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Semi-OT: How big is too big for a garage/workshop?

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    To answer the question posed in the title, there is no such thing as too big of a shop.

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  • Jim Hubbell
    My 64X40 shop with 12ft. ceiling is under my living quarters. The machine tools are in an adiquate sized room which may be heated and comfortable in the winter. Full size pool table for when I need to relax. If needed the whole shop can be brought up to a comfortable temperature in about 15minutes. As long as I am carefull to not spread out too much there is pleanty of room.

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  • 914Wilhelm
    Given my druthers (not my wife's!) I would build a 3000 sqft barn like shop with shop downstairs and a living area upstairs. I would plunk a 200 sqft "house" out front for the county to assess but would live in the barn. In another life I guess this will come true.

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  • adatesman
    started a topic Semi-OT: How big is too big for a garage/workshop?

    Semi-OT: How big is too big for a garage/workshop?

    Short version of a long story: we bought an 1800's era schoolhouse last year with the intention of renting out the schoolhouse and having my mom live in the 1920's vintage inlaw cottage while I use the 1950's vintage garage/workshop however I like. Thing is, now that it's gotten to the point that we're ready to fix up the garage SWMBO has realized that putting a gambrel (2 pitch barn-style) roof onto the existing 27' x 40' structure would make the "garage" larger than our current house (~1800sq-ft). I don't particularly have a problem with this, as I've already acquired a quite comfortable couch and have a 3 keg commercial kegerator for it (in additional to the home shop stuff), but figured I'd ask to see what you all think would qualify as "too big".

    A couple mitigating points to keep in mind:
    1. our current place is on .2 acre, compared to the .5 acre our very-similar-looking-planned-garage is on

    2. chances are we'll move to the new place for at least a couple years, as we're currently in a particularly *BAD* school district and the "new" place is in a *particularly GOOD* one (daughter is 2 and a half)

    3. while the fact that the property is on a major thoroughfare is a minus value-wise, I believe it is grandfathered for home-business/light industrial (garage was the workshop for a HVAC/roofing guy prior to his passing 10-15 years ago)

    4. who could say no to a house sized garage???

    But long story short, I've got a 27' x 40' structure to put a roof on and probably won't keep the property long term. Throwing a 12/12 gable roof on it came back at ~$23k, so would you bother putting a gambrel on it to increase the room upstairs or simply redo the failed flat roof?