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  • Square Gears Plan

    Years ago my machine shop teacher had a set of square gears mounted on a board. They actually worked, meshed and you could turn a crank and marvel at them actually working.

    I'd like to make a set for my grandsons to see and to encourage their interest in science and technology.

    Does anyone have a set of plans (or a reference to) for machining such an interesting oddity?

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    There you go!
    Not plans, but a start.
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      Do a Google search for 'non circular gears' and you will find plenty of information and images.


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        And didn't the software Gearotic do such things also?
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          Originally posted by Jaakko Fagerlund View Post
          And didn't the software Gearotic do such things also?
          Yes and more.
          Art is doing his usual winter development session on Gearotic and is working on a module that will basically put teeth on any shape you want.
          early days but he does have a video out .

          He's already done rootes blowers so far.

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