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7 inch shaper oddity

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  • 7 inch shaper oddity

    Been cleaning out a deceased friends shop and came across a 7inch shaper with basicly no ID on it, the odd part of this it is variable speed, has a crank handle down on the front to adjust the speed.

    Anyone have an idea what make this thing could be? Thanks.

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    Like this maybe ---- Porter Cable, but it had the name prominently cast in the side - it later became Logan

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      any pictures?


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        Bill Pace guessed it, thanks Bill!

        Your'e pic appears to have "Porter Cable" cast into the side,, this one only has "7inch Shaper" cast there.
        I,m going back there again tommorrow will see if i can find anything else on it, it is difficult right now to get right up to it as this guy was a real "Pack Rat", and believe me this shop is FULL!!
        Your'e pic sure looks like it!!


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          Could also be a Brodhead Garrett. I had one and don't think it had any casting ID name. It was the Logan design, later sold mainly to schools, etc. they made 7" & 8" shapers.


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            Thanks rmw, i just went to the UK lathe site and good pic of this shaper, and yes you are right it was later Porter Cable Then Broadhead Garret. So this appears to be an Early Logan.


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              Yes, I have an 8" Logan with the same variable speed set up.
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