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  • Overpackaged parts

    I bought 16 of these Frelon bushings, they are 1/4" long for scale.

    I expected them to come in one of those bubble envelopes but they came in boxes like this:

    Seems reasonable right?
    Maybe put all 16 in the same box, but sadly, no.
    An environmental genius thought better of that and provided me with a box for each, then packed all the small boxes inside a bigger box.

    Think inside the box people!

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    I hope you didn't pay the extra shipping cost.


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      1) Many manufacturers have set a minimum size for packaging, to avoid things getting lost in stuff like styrofoam peanuts. Too many reshipments.
      2) This is also a reaction to a wave of complaints (some of which have launched extended threads on this forum) over inadequate packaging and shipping damage. "You want better packaging? I got your better right here!"


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        PBC appears to be a family-owned company based in Rockford, Ill.

        It couldn't be too difficult to find email addresses for one of the Schroeders, or
        someone on their upper level mgmt team in order to draw this to their attention.

        The right person will be receptive and appreciative. Who knows, you might get
        a deal on a future order.



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          Most likely this company ordered a lot of shipping boxes, custom printed with company logo.
          They purchased the large boxes in order to ship a variety of different parts, instead of buying several different sized, custom printed boxes.
          Still, they should of put all 16 small parts into one box.


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            Packaging is like everything else in this world, most ppl do a piss poor job either seriously overpackaging or seriously underpackaging items. The best package I ever received - 2+5/16" box wrench cut short and thin for a special application. The packaging - paper bag thoroughly wrapped tightly in clear packaging tape with the address in marker visible through the tape. The worst package ever received - 6' of 12" diameter cardboard tube containing a ton of newspaper and a 4' peavey handle. I wish they wouldve simply taped a label to the handle as it was far from "fragile."
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              Originally posted by justanengineer View Post
              ... - 6' of 12" diameter cardboard tube containing a ton of newspaper and a 4' peavey handle. I wish they wouldve simply taped a label to the handle as it was far from "fragile."
              THe cardboard tube was to protect the other freight from the peavey handle.
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                At least they weren't in those gawd awful blister packs.


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                  I got you guys beat.
                  3' x 1' x 1' box.
                  Inside.. newspaper.. More newspaper.. Yet MORE news paper.
                  And one IC tube.. IC tubes are about 3/4" x 3/4" and you can cut them to length.
                  This one was 2'6" or so. I think thats stock length.
                  Inside the IC tube, was 3 IC's, totaling aobut 3" of tube length used.

                  ... And this was a free sample the company sent out, they paid shipping...
                  Worse yet? The extra packaging was needed. There was a tire treadmark on the box (didn't look like it was run over, just had a very clear black tiremark) and a FIST sized hole, like someone had punched right into the box and rifled around inside with there hand.

                  The IC's did arrive unharmed however.
                  Some other companys have sent similar things in 4" x 2" x 1" boxes much more suited for 3" of IC's
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                    I thought you were going to tell us how you sustained a critical injury attempting to open one of those adult-proof plastic welded packages using a come-along, your truck, a pipe wrench, and turkey baster.


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                      Makes sense. If you were a company you'd order one per box, inventory them up then take them off the shelf one by one. If they were all in one box, you couldnt see at a glance inventory levels etc etc etc.
                      Wasteful but they have to package for how things are managed in the real world.

                      I got a crankcase shipped to me recently, in a box twice the size it should be, and someone had lovingly stuffed the INSIDE of the empty cases with shredded silvers of packing, along with every single piece. We got two black sacks of waste packaging out of it, weighing 3kgs. Just some polystyrene or airbags to stop it shifting in the box would be fine... Was a few days before we stopped seeing random silvers of packaging in the utility room where it was unboxed too.


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                        I understand that inkjet cartridges now come in bigger packaging; that's to stop people hiding them in pockets, etc, and walking off with them without paying. So sayeth the manager of a local Staples Office Supplies when I "complained" about the huge amount of wasted packaging.

                        Another JohnS.


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                          It's incredible all the waste, what is it something like if you lined up all the disposable plastic water bottles end per end they would circle the earth over 10 times, here's the clincher - that's just the USA and it's also annually...

                          I think the diaper stats are just as disgusting ---- then when you put all the other millions of things into that mix you cant help but realize were going to be choking on allot of this stuff one way or another...


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                            Originally posted by MotorradMike View Post
                            Think inside the box people!
                   least there's quite much room to think in!
                            Amount of experience is in direct proportion to the value of broken equipment.


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                              I recently purchased on E bay a gearbox for an antique MG. The seller packed it in a double walled cardboard box surrounded with the foam expanded in bags. It arrived with the bell housing crushed. The claim was denied by UPS due to inadequate packaging. This item should have been OK with NO packaging. This is what they are up against.