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  • Bridgeport milling machine purchase

    I'm planning to purchase a Bridgeport milling machine, likely Series I with variable speed. I need advise on any years (serial numbers) to avoid and any that are particularily good, as well as thoughts on features or optional accessories to look for that are particularily valuable and ones to avoid that are problems. Thanks


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    I would not worry about VS at all. Look for a solid machine with good chrome ways. You can always buy a VFD to give you variable speed anyway - the VFD is more vorsatile and a non-variable speed head has less crap to go wrong with it. Stay away from anything that does not have at least an R-8 spindle, If you can find a machine with NT30, NT40, or NT50 spindle that is even better.


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      Pay attention to what Thrud said. My Bridgeport has the Kwik switch style tool holders. They are substantially more expensive than the other styles. I now have six holders but those cost me about $400.


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        Thanks for the thoughts. Are there any years or models that have ploblems, or are these machine pretty much good with manufacture dates from mid 1970's thru 2002 when they were sold out.


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          Don't pass on a decent machine cause the spindle is wrong. They run about $50 on ebay. For a spindle, I just bought a kwik switch spindle for my drill press so I can share tooling.

          My kwik switch has a collet setup that allows several mills to be loaded into the collets.

          I now have about 20 kwik switch holders, less then $30 for most of them. If you don't shop you get stuck. I had a email offer of ten holders for $250.. I was out of work that month. that sucked.

          I think thou, people should learn on a manual machine before graduating to a cnc. I am still learning in reverse here.
          My previous mill was a toy.



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            Extra attachments can break the bank if you try to buy all of them.
            Shaping head
            Cherrying head
            Right angle head
            Arbor and arbor support
            rotary tables
            indexing heads
            super spacers
            Then there is the Volstro rotary head, or a multiangle head, their right angle head, and a whole bunch more from just Volstro alone.They also have air grinders and quill mounted shaping heads.
            There are plenty of great things to buy for your Bridgeport, so start saving your dollars.
            David from jax
            A serious accident is one that money can't fix.