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Quick Change Tool Post for Busy Bee lathe

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  • Quick Change Tool Post for Busy Bee lathe

    I have wanted a quick change tool post for my Busy Bee B2227L 10 X 18 lathe so when I saw Busy Bee had their's on sale for $ 85 I could not resist it even though it was specified for a 12" lathe.
    i ordered the QTCP with the 5 holders plus I ordered an extra tool holder so with shipping and tax it came to $ 130 which for Canada is a low price. Three days later I received it
    I checked this post and used that info to design my system.
    You can see from the pictures that the original post ( 10mm) is much smaller than the one supplied ( 14 mm)
    It also is too short. I did not want to mill out the base and my welding skills are very low so I set out to use the original post. I made a aluminum adapter 29.75 mm dia , 4.5mm high base plus post 14mm wide with internal 10mm hole about 1 inch high. This keeps the pool post in position. Little button which locks post at 90 degrees is not in the same place so you lose that function.
    I then made a steel adapter 14 mm wide and about 2'' long. I drilled out one end and drilled an threaded internal with a 10 mm thread to extend the end of the post. i did not have a 14mm thread die so narrowed the top to 1/2 " and threaded it 1/2 -13. I would have liked to have gotten a 14mm bolt and drill it out so i could use the nut that came with the tool post but the 1/2 inch works ok
    The tool post is large for this lathe so holders are almost at the bottom in use but I sill have 1/10" of room left over.
    First time I have originated a post. Hope the pictures show up.

    Picture link

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    The $85 price was good. I just finished helping a friend mount one of those on a B2229 combo mill / lathe. We had to machine a new bolt and a 1" thick spacer, but like yours it now works well.