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OT, But Life Saving - How Do I Move A Wall Mounted Light Fixture

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  • OT, But Life Saving - How Do I Move A Wall Mounted Light Fixture

    So, my wife wanted a wall mounted light in our hall. No windows so it is rather dark, even in the day. She wanted one that "she could reach". So, for power, I found an outlet about half way down the hall and held the fixture above it and asked, "Is this OK." Then I installed it there after several hours spent fishing the wire up from the outlet.

    Well, she really wanted it where she could change the bulb without a ladder, which involves reaching over the top of it to unscrew the bulb. She is "vertically challenged" so that is quite a bit lower than just reaching the switch to turn it on or off. So now, I need to move it down a foot or two. Only problem is the hole in the wall. I need an idea for moving it down and taking care of the hole. The wall is 25+ year old paneling so there is no chance of matching it so I can't just replace the panel. I need a neat idea for this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    As for shop related, I am building my garage shop and this will take me away from that. So I guess it is sorta shop related. TIA!
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    Make or buy a decorative cover plate. Other then that about the only thing you can do is to fill in the hole and paint it as close as possible to match the paneling. Some of those "faux" painter can do a really good job of it if you want to spend the money..
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      Perhaps the easiest cure would be a different fixture with the light bulb hanging down in stead of up.
      You might gain the foot you need.



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        Surface mount Wiremold extension box mounted to the recessed wall box in the original fixture location, short piece of Wiremold raceway run down to the new fixture location. Paint to match paneling.


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          Get a taller wife. :-)


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            Hang a picture over the hole.
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              Use an LED bulb. She'll never have to replace it.


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                Depending on how large the base is, make the cut for the new location slightly larger and use a fine toothed saw to make the cut, then use that bit to patch the old-new hole. If the holes aren't too far apart the grain should be a very close match.
                If you don't mind buying tools, pick up a veneer saw or one of the combination type finish saws, the veneer saw is curved so it can start a cut in the middle of a panel, the combo types are short 'standard' saws with a curved tip for the same purpose.
                If you can cut out large enough, you can give yourself wiggle room to better match grain, if the grain doesn't match as well as you'd like, a couple of NO.2 pencils, one sharp one blunt are very good for making fake grain lines.

                Alternate is to blend different shades of stain to match the color, often that's the only option to blend a patch in.

                Agree, the most feasible method would be to use a base-up type fixture.

                Edit: build a curio shelf/step to fit under the existing lamp, to change bulb, just move the curios, no ladder.
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                  You could always change the bulb for her. Afterall you were either tall enough or had a ladder available so you could cut the hole.


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                    Sounds like the specs weren't toleranced properly


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                      Instead of a ladder, use a step stool....


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                        Originally posted by elf View Post
                        Sounds like the specs weren't toleranced properly
                        Sounds like his tolerance band is quite broad. How else would you explain the result when first he prototyped it, then asked the "customer", "Is this suitable?" and achieved sign-off before proceeding on the project. I second the idea of using a CFL or LED bulb, effectively negating the height issue.


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                          As someone who is currently attempting to restore the woodwork in an old house that had many holes cut/drilled for fixtures, locks, bs, etc, I would beg of you to NOT cut another hole, but either change the fixture or tell the wife to deal with it
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                            Raise the floor!
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                              Is she thinking about getting rid of you?
                              Can't you change the bulb for her?

                              That is why I am never getting married.