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Selection of milling machine to complete model steam engine.

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    Originally posted by Forrest Addy View Post
    Careful there. This machine has no mechanical speed changes (gears, step pulley, V/S belt etc). The sole methodd of altering spindle speed is electronic variable speed.
    This mill has a Brushless DC spindle motor. It is quite a different beast than a motor with a VFD or a DC brushed motor with a SCR or PWM control. The brushless motor has feedback to the control via encoder or hall effect sensors and is mostly a closed loop system so you have for or at least a significant portion of full torque at all speeds.


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      Thanks Macona.

      That agrees with my experience as at lowest speed (90 rpm) I can grip the spindle as hard as I like and there is no sign of straining or stalling.

      Same when cutting - set a speed it gets there quickly and in a cut it may drop a rev or so but it soon picks up to the set speed while cutting.

      Tapping 3/8 in steel, brass or cast-iron goes very well - it has a ("tapping") spindle reversing switch right under your thumb on the spindle hand feed handles (3).

      I was amazed at just how good (within limits) a small bench-top (no floor "foot-print") could be.

      I can't say how it would go with the OP's model-making as I have no experience there but I can say with the smallish work I do it does it very well.


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        On the tapping, does the motor run in reverse (CCW) until you press the button?


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          Yep - alternating forward and reverse - 3/8 capacity.

          See specs: