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I need some ideas for a 'vehicle lifter'.

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    Sounds like what your looking for is something you can position around the tire(s) with a roller across the front and castors under the bottom. As you draw the front and rear frames together the roller allows the tire(s) climb up onto the roller and raise the tire(s) off the floor. Then you can roll the plane around at will on the castors. A simple acme screw on each side could be used to draw the two ends together to lift the plane.
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      Check Grays


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        Think outside the box!

        Refrigerate the concrete pad and spray a thin mist of water sufficient to ice the surface. Then you should be able to slide it anywhere you want.

        If you call it a sport, then you should be able to recruit free help. Give some of the "player" brooms/brushes to sweep the path, while you stand there marking the target destination and shouting "Harder, harder".

        What the heck it worked in Scotland.


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          How about a couple of pallet jacks, with something that will slip under the wheels and over the arms of the pallet jack. There are all different kinds of palet jacks here:


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            BJT, thats pretty much what we have in mind although we are considering a bottle jack to push the tire onto a plate. I am really here looking for alternative and maybe better ideas that might be out there. Thanks.

            Flylo, please send us some of those for evaluation! I fear there would not be clearance under some of the aircraft however. Nonetheless it is an excellent principle for consideration and might have more potential than what we have been considering so far. Thanks to you too.

            Bob_s, now that certainly is an interesting idea and no doubt we would not be short of helpers in the winter (such as we have here) when there would be free rations of the appropriate internal combustion liquid!

            Paulsv, you have given me an idea! We have pallet lifters but discounted them as unable to move in all directions but never considered putting castors under the ends {thinks} "Lift aircraft, place castors under end of pallet jack, lower jack until weight is on castors, push aircraft into position...." Thanks very much!