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Great Support from Clausing re: Atlas Machine

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  • Great Support from Clausing re: Atlas Machine

    A thread to mention the great treatment received from Clausing
    regarding some spares ordered for an aging Atlas machine tool.

    Happily, the machine is is good order. But when I discovered that
    Clausing continues to support the brand, I elected to try ordering
    wear parts in anticipation of the eventuality that same will need to
    be replaced.

    From start to finish I received prompt, effective communication. Prices
    were fair on the parts still available. Order preparation and shipping to
    an international address was quick and trouble-free.

    Not unexpectedly, some parts are no longer available from Clausing.
    What WAS unexpected was the very helpful assistance received
    toward fabrication of replacements.
    Clausing Service Center
    1819 N. Pitcher Street
    Kalamazoo, MI 49007-1886
    Ph 800.535.6553
    Fx 269.342.7888

    Ph: 800.323-0972
    Fax: 269.342-7888

    email: info at clausingsc dot com
    Jolene Olds - Customer Service Manager

    Very pleased.

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    They do a super job. I stopped in to but a whole $2 pin & spring, when they brought it from the back it was packed like it was shipping around the world. The packing cost more than the part!


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      Jo @ Clausing is awesome.


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        I keep reading numerous times in the past and again in this post about how awesome "Jo" is.

        I think we really need a pic of "Jo" here just to see exactly what you guys are referring to!! Lol


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          ...and if they don't support the part anymore then they'll send you a copy of the drawing at a reasonable cost!

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            Ditto on Atlas / Clausing and Jo too. Very helpful, knowledgeable. And they still operate old school style and IMO how the vast majority of businesses should but don't today.



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              Jo is the Atlas Angel.
              No pic, use your imagine