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A nice tool for touching up cutting tools

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  • A nice tool for touching up cutting tools

    I picked up a Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener today. I had seen it work at a trade show and it puts a razor edge on knives that you can shave with. After putting a perfect edge on all of my crappy steel knives, I figured I'd give the slack belt configuration a try. There were some 5/8" HSS tool bits sitting on my lathe that had been ground to shape and used on a recent project. I was going to need them later tonight for another project and did not want to bring out the big bench grinder. The little 1/2" wide abrasive belts put an edge on that hss bit that you could cut yourself with. This little tool will work great because I have not sharpened my tools as often as you should because of the trouble of dragging out my sharpening set-up which I'm sure alot of people can agree with. It is light, quick and easy to get a perfect edge. I will say that is NOT for roughing bits to shape or heavy grinding, but it does what it is designed for very well and that is putting a very fine edge on things. The tool comes with 2x 80,220,6000 grit belts that have Norton printed on the back of them. I purchased the extra assortment of belts which also has 2 of each figuring that I would need them very quickly, but supprisingly the little belts held up extremely well.

    If anyone has any questions about this tool please feel free to ask.


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    Be sure and store your belts in the house where it is A/C. Other wise the splices will deteriorate, unless you use them up in 12 months or less.



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      Hello Chris, Had not seen this. Thank you for posting it. Regards, Earl


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        Ken, I store my unused sanding belts in ziploc bags (with the air squeezed out) which seems to help them avoid coming apart at the splice.