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  • What is it?

    Can anyone ID the blue parts in the picture? Before I hack it up I wanted to know what it is or what it fits. I want to build a 3" belt grinder & have these parts & a new 3HP motor I just bought for $39 on Ebay from Dealers Elect, the VFD folks. Thanks for your help!

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    It is a belt sander



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      The 2 blue pcs look like they fit onto another machine, any idea what? The gray column & the drive wheel I picked up somewhere else.


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        No help on the parts but since your pics are already on photobucket if you copy the img code (it will start with [IMG]) and paste it in the text on your post the picture will show up big in your post with no need to click into the photobucket page.


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          Are you sure the parts went together? It could be that a previous owner just had way too much blue paint on hand.

          It would also help if you flipped the part with the "table" over and took another pic.


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            Here you go Doc, even a name tag.


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              I forgot I asked about this last year Sorry
              I still don't know how it works? Oh well it has nice parts!


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                Kinda' looks like some sort of multi purpose machine, the table part looks like a sort of shaper. Lots of good parts tho at any rate. Bob.


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                  OK, here's how I see it:

                  The assembly with the table fits onto a column similar to a drill press.

                  Then the motor/pulley assembly fits onto the column, with the v belt pulleys at the top and the black rubber drum at the bottom. Perhaps there should be a spacer between the two assemblies to hold them in vertical alignment.

                  Arrange these so that the black rubber drum is directly behind the center of the table. Now you can run a sanding belt around the drive drum and around the small diameter pin that sticks up out of the table. Note that this pin is mounted on a device that allows for tracking adjustment.

                  Now you can sand a very small inside radius and still have the advantages of using a sanding belt. You can probably substitute different size pins to suit different jobs.

                  Does the small pin turn in bearings of some sort or is it fixed?

                  Notice on your pic of the bottom of the table that there is a blue lever to release the tension on the belt.

                  If it turns out that this rig is in your way, you wouldn't have to pay me very much to take it off your hands.


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                    John I think you got it! Thanks!