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  • Looking For A DRO

    I posted this on another site earlier but haven't gotten many responses so I thought I'd give it a try here.

    I've got an older Bridgeport Series 1 machine that needs a DRO. The machine is used sporadically in that some weeks it will work 40 hrs and the next week may only work 5 - 10 hrs. It might also also set unused for a week or more at a time. The work is a mixture of new 1 off parts and repairs on existing parts. To this point it hasn't been used enough to justify putting money into a DRO. However in my old age I'm getting lazy. It's a pain to try to remember exactly where I left things, especially with all the political phone calls and other interruptions during this highly charged presidential campaign.

    In the past I've used older Anilam, Accurite, Fagor and Newell units. In doing some research I don't feel that I can justify $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 for the amount of time this machine gets used. I have seen a zillion different brands in the $600.00 to $900.00 range that look as though they may be adequate. DROPros sells 3 different brands Easson, Electronica, and their own house brand that at least on the surface are appealing.

    Does anyone have any experience with DROPros or any of the brands mentioned? Or for that matter have any suggestions of other brands in the same price range that I should check out? Also I see that many of the DRO's on the market today use magnetic scales as opposed to the traditional glass scales. Are there advantages of one style over the other as far as cost, dependability, and ease of use are concerned?

    Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions

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    Look at Sinpo on ebay. $390/ shipped for a complete 2 axis kit.


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      If you are really looking for an economical system .. you can do better than dropros. As above ..
      Sinpo has 3 axes for 390. I had good luck with with their 3i system.
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        Originally posted by mikeamick View Post
        If you are really looking for an economical system .. you can do better than dropros. As above ..
        Sinpo has 3 axes for 390. I had good luck with with their 3i system.

        I bought a DRO for my lathe from thedrostore. the radius/diameter functuion does not work correctly and they won't fix it.
        I promised them I would take every chance to send others away from their product.

        So here you have it, WARNING, I was dissatisfied with my experience with thedrostore.


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          I highly recommend Meister on ebay after having 2 of there systems for around 6 years. I can also highly recommend Sino on ebay after having one of there systems for around 4 years.
          I have only ever heard good things about DRO pros, if you don't mind paying the extra. They are all plug and play and it will be unlikely you have a problem with any of them as long as you order the right length scales. I think the only difference between all the ones mentioned is the price, they are all good quality systems and have been around long enough to get a bad name if the weren't.

          Once you fit it you will be wondering how you ever did without it, LOL



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            Magnetic scales can be cut easily and are immune to coolant etc.
            i have glass scales and they are well enough protected that they will never see a chip anyway.

            Where do you live?

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              I have a Sino from Shars on a BP. No problems and they advertise in the Village Press mags, Usually with free shipping on DRO's
              I've not had a problem with my DRO but I did with a power feed I purchased from them. They provided nothing but great service in getting a replacement to me.
              The worst part of any DRO is the directions and operators manual, good luck figuring those out.

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                I bought a dropros unit for the lathe at work. It works well. though you do get what you pay for. The lowest digit tends to flutter around a bit.


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                  What about these DRO's?
                  They seem to be available in several lengths. The only drawback I see is the reasdouts would need to be mounted in a centeral location that the machine would still work and you can still see the readouts.

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                    Chris, I bought 2 of those for my webaco D6000E from that same company. I made an offer & they saved me about $25 & they seem to work fine. If I recall I bought the 12" & the 24" for $80/shipped.


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                      hi there i have a miester dro unit on my mill, best money i ever spent
                      i bought it second hand off of ebay for a couple of hundred £s, i am now looking for one for my lathe.
                      i know its probably made in china! but what isn't these days!!
                      i tested its measuring accuracy with gauge blocks and repeatability with a dial indicator it seems very accurate.
                      use the hole circle function regularily,


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                        I have a DROPro on my Grizzly mill and love it. I have a $350 dro that was bought off eBay for my lathe. Piece of junk and no help from seller. Can't go wrong with Dropros in my book. Not overly expensive have 800 in mine and does so much more than the cheaper ones plus you have someone to call for service and parts if needed.


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                          I have the 2 axis DRO form DROPros for the last three years (glass scales). It has worked flawlessly. Had to fabricate a couple of brackets, but that's why I have a mill. I installed the the coolant shield with some silicone and there is no evidence of coolant on the scales to date. After having used the two axis DRO, there have been only a couple of times I wished I had he three axis DRO. I eventually installed a digital caliper on the quill.


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                            +2 on the DROPro. I haven't had a single problem with my 3 axis on my mill. Not the cheapest but they more than make up for that with documentation and support.

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                     gave me a really good price on a custom Acu-Rite 5 um package, if you want a "name brand." (Still more money than the Asian stuff, of course.)
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