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air tool parts, where to find?

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  • air tool parts, where to find?

    I have a Blue Point butterfly 3/8" impact wrench that hasn't been used much in the last several years. The nylon poppet valves disintegrated and I need to find parts to repair it. The local Snap-On dealer isn't interested(Not enough money in parts or repair, maybe). Is there a source where a person can buy parts for these other than Snap-On? Thanks and take care.

    Old Time

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    Try here.


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      I just got some for C/P air ratchets here You will need to know who made the wrench and the model number. Snap on did't make it.
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        If your Snap On dealer wasn't interested in helping you, i'd phone Snap On headquarters and raise hell!

        Snap On cannot afford to loose more cutomers!


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          I have a Blue Point 3/8” air “ratchet”, where the nylon valve disintegrated. I couldn’t tell what it looked like because all the parts were gone.

          So my friend also had a 3/8 air ratchet. I looked at his and made a copy out of brass with an O ring seal that I could replace when worn out.

          Under the O ring, there is a hole, for what purpose I don't know, but it is a #57 drill bit.

          Also, the plastic cap was cracked and I made one out of brass.

          I don't know if it will help, but what the heck. Here is is.

          BTW: the operating rod does not go up inside the O ring housing.
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            It's been a few years since I was a Snap On dealer, but back when I was, Blue Point was proprietary. I imagine it still is. You need to do what has been suggested by either sasquatch or Quadrod. If it were me I'd give Snap On a call as well. It's my understanding that Snap On dealers are now franchised so the Company has more control than they did years ago. A dealer that refuses to get you parts gives the company a bad name. Most certainly I'd find a new dealer to buy from in the future. Your current one doesn't understand customer service at all.

            I have to tell you that even though I was a Snap On dealer I sold far more CP stuff as well as Rodac, back then. Parts for both were more readily available. CP quality was better than Snap On's back then too. The Snap On stuff was pretty but suffered durability issues. That was long ago so things may have changed tremendously. For future purchases I'd look at IR stuff hard. They make good quality air tools as well.