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Some days you just can't win

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  • Some days you just can't win

    The old tool thread made me laugh and reminded me of a buddy.

    He's a welder,stainless mostly and a very good one.He was over at my place one day and asked me if I had a Skilsaw he could borrow.I told him better than that I had one that needed a little TLC that he could have.

    It was an older Milwaukee 8" saw all Aluminum except for the handle which was broke along with the switch.He took it,thanked me for it and away he went.

    A couple days later I stopped by his place and he showed me what he had done to fix it.He made a nice custom fit Stainless tube handle complete with a bump out to house the switch he had dug up.The handle looked sharp,it and the saw both had been cleaned up and buffed to a shine.

    That's when he asked me"you like it?"Sure I said it looks great.

    That's when he tells me "turns out the switch that I used and spent an hour fitting into the handle nice and tight has only one set of contacts and they are normally closed"

    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Let me see...Pull trigger, plug in, release trigger, cut wood, pull trigger, unplug.

    I think this is going to be a steep learning curve.
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      That reminds me of owning a bulldozer, then buying a bobcat where your hands & feet control the opposite things & operating the bobcat inside a building on that 1st try. Major Pucker Factor & lots of "OH SH*Ts"!


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        More info

        Isn't it funny some blokes are brilliant at one thing, and as dumb as dog sh** at another? it's like no one thinks?

        Dumb as Dogsh**
        Patented Aussie expression
        (even though I was born in California)
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