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  • George Bulliss
    Hello Karl,

    We usually do allow the use of our articles and projects by schools and won’t have a problem with giving you permission.

    We do also need to get the permission of the author though, as he still holds the copyright for his material. In this case, it should not be a problem. I’m in frequent contact with Roland and am sure I’ll be able to have an answer for you shortly.

    Please email me at the following address so I can reply to you via email. Be sure to replace the (at) and (dot) areas of the address with the conventional email address symbols.


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  • kkirk
    started a topic Old Magazine Article

    Old Magazine Article


    I am an instructor at a local college and teach CNC machining. I am looking for a project for this advance machining class and decided the "Nested Blocks" project would fit my objectives very well. I remember reading an article in Digital machinist magazine many years ago, so I got out my old magazines and found it in the Winter 2006 issue written by Roland Friestad. Can I use this issue and hand out copies of your article to my students if I include a reference to Roland and your magazine?

    Thank you

    Karl Kirk