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    Has anyone ever heard of using a file with a bump?
    Called a German file.
    These are made in France by a company named Talbot.
    The bump is a part of the file there the flat part takes a curve slightly,
    and then flattens out again. Similar to an American pattern 3 square
    file, but it is overall a flat type file. It is a class exercise to use the
    (so called) German flat like, and use the file's bump to target the high
    spots of a surface and ultimately achieve filing the entire surface flat.
    Was wondering if anyone has heard of a German file and the part of
    the file called the "bump". Maybe it is a French type of file, and the
    instructor is just calling it a German file, stemming from the phrase
    of calling a hand file a German milling machine. I know there is a Swiss
    file, which I believe means curved, or does Rifler mean curved?
    Anyhow, any insight on this German bump type file appreciated.
    I will let you all know how I do in the class.


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    I have found that most files have a belly side and a hollow side. This can be used in the same manner.


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      There are also "Slap Files" used in auto body work:'


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        Slap files not related to the bump type file at all.
        The bump type file is like a flat file bent 2/3 towards the front by about 1 degree on each side.
        You can hardly notice it. We actually marked the bump with Dykem to be aware where it is.
        You do not bump the file in use at all. The bump is just the name for the bent part of this
        file, or bump may describe this type of file. Seeking more input.

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