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  • K&T 2B mill information needed

    I just picked up a Kearney & Trecker Milwaukee 2B horizontal mill for scrap metal price. It is missing the arbor support for the overhead arm to the arbor. This is an old machine with the single arm overhead. It is a "plain" mill as the table doesn't swivel. Anybody have any information like a manual for this or any ideas on where I might find some parts for it? Any tooling sources besides Ebay? I know these are typically dismssed as obsolete, but for the initial cost I thought I'd explore the repair of it. also there was a dividing head sitting on the table and that was why I initially bid on it. I will try to post some photos after I get it home tomorrow. Heavy Brute! Also got an American Tool Shaper at the same auction. No model number was found on this one as of yet. Much oil and grease to remove first I think. Hopefully these will turn into usable machines. Much larger than a home shop needs, but the price was definately right. Thanks for anything you can tell me about this!

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    way to go.....these might be obsolete compared to a 25hp mastura machining centre.....but if the alternate choice is a 1.5 hp vertical mill you'll be removing most of your cubic inches with the K&T. in that context they're far from obsolete

    you need to start collecting arbors and cutters. The arbor support could be made from a big piece of AL and press in a bronze bushing and make an oil hole

    kijiji, craigslist and practical machinist are good places to shop. imo don't expect to find what you're after immediately; be patient, keep checking and the stuff will turn up
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      Yeah I thought about the big chunk of aluminum or perhaps casting one. My "other" mill is an early RF-30 clone so I thought this might work for the heavy stuff if i can learn to think horizontal! I really know nothing of the (I'm sure) many uses for this unit. I will be starting yet another learning process. That's what makes this "hobby" fun.


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        not much but a start, very general oiling instructions, post # 10
        a bit more, a discussion with someone else looking for aware, this is back in 2003, so establishing contact could be tough

        you may end up doing a couple of parallel searches, one for "Milwaukee" and another for "K&T" to gather as much info as possible and don't be surprised if the searching takes awhile, lots of times a particular topic is in an inquiry but fixing only one detail, unless its the detail you need...


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          another great source of info is the Kearney and Trecker Yahoo group. There is a lot of overlap between the Yahoo K&T group and PM heavy iron forum, but still useful. All very helpful - especially if you are a newbee.


          Edit: Forgot to say welcome to the wonderful world of the best manual machine tools. K&T and Cinci are tops. Obviously can't beat a new CNC mill, but in the manual realm nothing else currently available comes even close. And you get the machines for scrap price. Even a fool like me can get a deal that would make Flyo proud.

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            Thanks guys. That gives me a start.


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              I put some pictures in an album here. The door of the mill says 2B Plain. But all the photos I have seen are of twin arm machines. Does that mean mine is just older? The newest patent date on the tag is 1923. Haven't figured out how to post the photo in the reply here yet.


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                Congratulations! Your acquisition sounds a lot like mine. I bought a Kearney and Trecker Model 2HL Universal with a K&T dividing head and also a Cincinatti 24" shaper as a lot. The mill had some 'fall-over' damage but both were in pretty good condition. My mill has two overhead bars but was also missing the arbor support. Arbor supports for these old mills seem pretty scarce and are often priced very high. In about 5 years I have acquired one of the three types used. They can certainly be made fairly easily if you have some way to bore the overhead hole. I am pretty sure your mill is just older than the two bar types but that need not be a concern. You can do quite a bit of milling with a stub arbor without using the outboard support.
                Don Young