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Atlas 7b shaper, gloat!

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  • Atlas 7b shaper, gloat!

    I recently got an Atlas 7b Shaper for a VERY good price. The machine is complete with a vise and no broken parts. My primary use of the machine is to cut internal key ways in gears, hubs etc. It required a general cleaning, new belts, new wiring, and lubricating. I found that the cross feed nut had a LOT of wear, 120 deg slack on the handle. A replacement part is not available. I purchased an ordinary acme nut and welded it to round stock to make a replacement. I then made a jig to hold parts for key way cutting and a tool holder.
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    Like most forums, this site does not host pics directly, on a forum with years of content this would take up a ridiculous amount of bandwidth. At the top of the page on this forum is a sticky thread titled "posting pictures with photobucket" that describes how to upload them to photobucket and how to post a direct image link so they appear in your thread. If not photobucket, you could also use one of the other regular pic hosting sites.
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