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IT finally happened: A small tool gloat (continued)

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  • IT finally happened: A small tool gloat (continued)

    ...continued: Then, a few days later, he stopped by the house (again I was at work) and dropped off another box! This one was in slightly better shape and only took a little silent cussing to get it open. The generous fellow told my wife that this box contained much more valuable items in the form of cutting tools. As it turns out, all of the mics,etc are in pristine condition. The only thing that suffered at all from these boxes being shuffled around for 50 years are perhaps the reamers and files, and most of the reamers are still quite sharp.

    Useful to be sure, but dollarwise not even close:

    The neat thing is, the first box also contained the Starrett No.27 catalog and a 1961 price sheet. It also held a Lufkin Precision Tool catalog No.8 and a price sheet from 1957. I also found carbon copy sales receipts for many of the tools shown in the top spread dated around 1960! The diemaker had purchased a lot of stuff just a very few years before he passed away.
    This is 100% top quality USA made stuff.

    One last picture: anyone remember these! They still work!

    Now I have some questions about some of this stuff to ask in another post.
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    The Loud Cigarette Loads are a prank you played on a smoker. You'd plant one-preferably about halfway down a cigarette-and wait for the pop. Not really funny if you're in the middle of something delicate.


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      Yeah, I thought they might be duds by now, but I lit one with a match and got a pretty good pop.


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        Top row eight thru eleven from the left. What are they? I have some that have a left spiral and cut forward.
        I have know idea what they are for.


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          I'm not sure I counted correctly, but you might be referring to the gasket hole cutters. This group cuts three different sized bolt holes in sheet gasket material like paper, cork, leather and back then, asbestos. You lay the material on a hard, flat piece of wood or plastic, then place the tool and whack it with a hammer. The cutouts stack up until they fall out the front opening.

          If you meant from the right, those are taper pin reamers, no's 1 thru 6.


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            At my age, you would think I knew my right from my left,but no.
            eight thru eleven from the other left, the twisty,pointy things.


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              Looks like taper pin reamers