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Building a single-shot-high- speed-plastic-injection-molding machine for small parts.

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  • Building a single-shot-high- speed-plastic-injection-molding machine for small parts.

    For the last three years I was looking for a plastic injection molder that can make small plastic parts (ABS) The parts are for a high volume water-saving-device and range in weight from 7gr to less then 1 gram. Even though I went to China and looked at their capabilities, I decided to make these parts here in the United States. However, after talking to about a dozen US molders, I realized that I never could get parts into my cost structure because of the enormous mold cost and the start-up funds needed for those expensive devices. Taking the bull by its horns, I decided to build my own machine. I started with David J. Gingery's book: Build a Plastic Injection Molding Machine. However, instead of using the drill press to actually mold, I designed, built and now operate a high speed claming system that allows me to make parts in less than 2 seconds (1 gr) My biggest part (6,6gr) I can make in around 5 seconds and it even has an internal thread. These parts have no sprue and no runners because I inject directly into the cavity.
    I built various screws, though primitive, they work moderately. My challenge at this time is to improve my screw design, my barrel design and my heating and control system. Questions: Do I really need the expensive barrel liners and screws that are currently used for the expensive machines?
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    Not sure but id like to see ur work u did on machine. Unless u need to keep it hidden for patent reasons.


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      For non-abrasive materials regular barrels and screws will last a long time in short run situations. And I'd also be interested in seeing your work.

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        Gentlemen, I am not quite ready to show the design of the machine. But I will show soon some of the parts that I have made prior to improving my screw and barrel design. John, what do you consider a short run situation? And by the way so far the prices that I have gotten on the barrel and the screw are around $2000 each. Is that a resonalble price for such parts?