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Shop: Lift Device for 15' (4.58 M) hgt & 1,000lb (454 kg) cap

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  • Shop: Lift Device for 15' (4.58 M) hgt & 1,000lb (454 kg) cap

    An acquaintance is shopping forklifts capable of 180 - 190" lifts (roughly 15'.)

    The goal is to raise/lower seasonal toys to the second floor of a new shop.
    Motorcycles and such. There are also secondary applications envisioned
    such as towing trailers in/outdoors, snow plowing and so on.

    • Scarcity - while there are triple-masted lift trucks on the market
      that are rated for 188" at >= 3000lbs, these are far less common
      than units with less height capacity.
    • Stability vs Compactness - with a need to raise 1000lbs to 15',
      a larger lift truck offers better stability, but occupies a larger
      footprint, is less maneuverable and raises prospects of collisions.
    • Outdoor use - warehouse type FL's don't do well outdoors on
      pavement, much less on gravelled surfaces. Use for snow plowing
      seems ill-advised. Towing, likewise.
    • Safety - there are two or more support poles that carry a central
      beam lengthwise through the shop. There will be dire consequences
      if these are bumped/displaced.

    Can any members offer suggestions about residential freight elevators
    or lift platforms that might meet the needs of this acquaintance ?
    It seems to me that an elevator and a skidsteer device (Bobcat ...)
    would be a more satisfying combination for him.

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    They're called construction lifts, material lifts etc. You'll find a selection at your local equipment rental outfit.

    Genie isn't the only player but they are among the best:
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      Thank you for the suggestion. Once thoughts shifted from the F/L, I had not
      considered other types of moveable lifts like the Genie and its breathern.

      In the fixed-position, freight elevator format, here is a video of a shop-built lift
      with several desirable features. I can appreciate that there are some unknowns
      about the design that one would look into for safety sake.

      Another thought that occured to me was to suggest a crane way with a lift
      basket/platform. The crane way would offer other utility and keep the floor


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        One option is to attach a forklift mast to a tractors 3-point hitch.

        I've done (4) of these conversions so far.

        Easy to detach, and the tractor get's used the rest of the year.


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          Something to consider

          Wholesale Tool used to import and sell these reconditioned Toyota forklifts. I used this one to put things upstairs at my old shop.

          It was also handy for changing light bulbs at 19 ft. in the middle of the shop. One disadvantage was that it would not go into the standard box on the delivery trucks. That did not concern me. They would position things at the back of the box and I could pick them up there. I needed something to pick up 5,000 lb pallets of cement. The double tire version handles that. It moves on gravel OK but soft soil is iffy. Sticking a forklift is a bummer. These tires don’t work well on very slick surfaces.
          Byron Boucher
          Burnet, TX