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  • K&S taps and dies

    Anyone use K&S taps and dies? Just ordered 2 2-56 taps and die and a 4-40 die from Hobbylinc. Website says they are Japanese. Hope they're good ones. Couldn't find 2-56 taps or dies locally at all, and most web tool stores have them in sets with taps and dies I already have.
    I even stopped at the local Ace hardware that carries Irwin-Hanson and they didn't go below 4-40 taps and no 4-40 dies.


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    I would go to McMaster Carr for taps and dies. They always carry brand name stuff, mostly made in the USA. Their prices are reasonable and their delivery in unmatched. Bob.


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      I've used K&S. They're decent, and the price at my local hobby shop keeps me coming back. Some form of rigid setup is essential for these small taps. I've snapped a couple.



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        The difference between Asian made and Quality USA made taps is NIGHT and DAY

        Nothing worse then 5-6 hours of mill work on a precision piece only to snap off a dull tap inside at the very end.

        Morse, Greenfield, Butterfield to name a few


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          Morse is still a USA maker.

          Greenfield was bought by Kennametal, who recently sold it a Chinese company, though they haven't yet moved all of their products to offshore manufaturing.

          Union Butterfield was bought out by Precision Twist Drill, a company owned by Sandvik AB. PTD was later joined with Dormer, and as of last year both are now rolled into Sandvik Coromant. I don't think they make anything under the Union Butterfield name anymore, nor do I know where they make any of their tools.

          The quality of HSS tooling is no longer a matter of where it's made, rather how it is made.