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OT: Camera Phone Question

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  • OT: Camera Phone Question

    I notice a lot of pics posted on various forums and on Craig's List, that I believe are taken with camera phones, that are oriented sideways.

    Do the latest and greatest camera phones not have a means of rotating the pics 90 degrees left or right?


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    I'm fairly sure that it's the latest and greatest phone users that don't know how to rotate the pictures. Even if the phone can't do it, there are phone or PC apps that can.

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      On most smart phones, there is a setting for 'Auto-rotate' pictures. If it's turned off, the pictures will be sideways.
      You can also rotate the pictures by simply going to the picture settings, and rotating 90 degrees.
      But I guess some people don't care, or don't bother to do it.


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        Can't you just rotate the PHONE 90 degrees left or right. Been doing that with cameras for over 50 years now.
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          My iPhone lets you orient the camera and take either portrait or landscape. Once you take the picture you can edit it on the phone and rotate it in 90 degree increments. It will also let you crop the photo.

          It actually does a nice job taking a picture of something the size of a 8-1/2x11 sheet of paper. My son and I exchange 'design' scribbles this way. No need for a scanner. Also does a nice job on a page full of printed text.


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            There are a couple ways to orient a photo. Phone cameras don't have an up in the traditional sense as they reorient the image depending on how you are holding the phone. So there is the old fashion way of bit-flipping the images xy data to rotate it, and now there is exif metadata buried in the image that says what the camera orientation was when the image was recorded and to present it using that orientation.

            Not all viewers (browsers) understand this metadata method and so they present the image in xy array orientation. That seems to always be wrong