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  • OT: Need help with email question

    I am changing from Cox internet service (and TV) from Cox cable to Dish. I want to download my Cox emails which are on the Cox WebMail server. I don't have an email program on my computer.

    Should I get an email program and download the Cox emails to it? Or can I download the Cox emails to some program (such as Microsoft Word) already on my computer?

    I will be switching to Gmail for my email service, but have not yet started it.

    What is the best way to save my emails?


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    The best way, if you want to switch everything to gmail is to get gmail to fetch everything from your current (cox) account. Do this before cox shuts down your email access. Instructions are here:

    The cox servers are listed here:



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      I think I have done it! I started Outlook and put in the Cox email address under accounts, somehow I downloaded all the inbox messages I had. I transferred all of my folder emails to the inbox, it downloaded them so now all I have to do is to go thru them and re=folder them.




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        MS-Outlook is one of the best programs there is for managing e-mail messages. You can make a compact file of all those messages, export them, import them, etc. Sorting and prioritizing is easy too, as you can create folders.

        Add your new e-mail account to Outlook, leaving the Cox account live as well. Make the setting for each to be leaving or deleting your messages from the server, whatever your preference may be. (I have my desktop account deleting from the server, while my smartphone does not.) Eventually Cox will shut it dow, senders will get a message about "unknown recipient". Then you can delete that account from Outlook.