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I'm Sure Y'all Can See Well....But...

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  • I'm Sure Y'all Can See Well....But...

    ....I'm getting where I can't see very well and I need to get a light for my mill. What would you recommend? What should I stay away from? What are your thoughts? Thanks for your help

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    Probably some of the new LED lights. They produce lots of good white light, last for almost forever, and don't get hot like halogens.


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      re: Halogens:

      I cannot say if this is 100%true or not.

      Back awhile ago i had an uncle develop skin cancer on his forehead.
      When he questioned the doctor/surgeon about how this happened, The guy asked him if he had been working in close contact to those halogen lights on stands.
      He had.
      Doctor told him to stay away from those lights at least 8ft, as they give off radiation, and it is very possible this was the cause.
      Also that they are very suspect in a number of other skin cancers.
      Proven?? i don't know,, but i will not use any, especially on a machine.


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        If it were me, I think I'd see a Doctor and perhaps an opthamologist for advise before I went any further.


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          My thoughts would be ,when you start needing more light.Get your eyes checked for cataracts. That was the problem I had . More and more light, but just got worse . Finely went to eye Dr. and had test and he found the problem and had sugary all good now and has been for about 12 years now.
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            Agreed Lane , cataracts sneak up on you over time, you don't realize your vision is getting slowly worse untill it is not good. One sign is driving at night meeting oncomming headlights , the glare will be horrible.

            Had mine done over 25 years ago, and i notice they are slowly comming back again.


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              I am not familiar with LED lights on a mill but I have used Halogen and I didn't care for them. Halogen's do provide a brilliant light, but with the mill table and other machined surfaces I found them to have too much reflection. I prefer the regular incandescent lights, just keep the reflectors clean.
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                I like tungsten. I have five overhead 4ft flourescents but a 100 w tungsten on each machine.

                I would worry about LEDs fed from an unsmoothed source for rotating machinery causing a strobe effect.

                I have a 300w over my bench for assistance when welding, and I'm about to add either another flourescent or a tungsten there permanently.

                The only trouble with tungsten is it can increase the temperature of the shop in the summer. If you're in warm climes, maybe flourescents would be better for you.

                If your seeing problems are just hardening of the cornea through age, meaning that a brighter light lets your iris contract and thus give you a sharper image, join the clan. I find myself screwing up up eyelids to reduce the aperture even looking at my laptop at times. I was doing that half an hour ago, but right now, it's clear. Both eyes ! Yippee.
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                  Ive cleaned up and repainted several old machine lights and use either CFLs or the old standard halogen bulbs in them. Painting the inside of the housing white helps on older ones without reflectors. Personally, I think every machine needs its own light, even in a well lit shop.
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                    I have changed all of the work lamps on my machines to compact flourescent bulbs. 27 watts in gets the equivalent of 100 watts incandescent. I like that they stay cooler as well as take 27% of the power.

                    One other thing. The color temperature of any bulb makes a lot of difference in how you see things. I use 5500 K (Kelvin scale) bulbs and they make a big difference.

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                      Originally posted by sasquatch View Post
                      ............. Back awhile ago i had an uncle develop skin cancer on his forehead.............
                      A guy at work had the same thing happen to him, dead center of his forehead right above the bridge of his nose. Being the king and considerate bunch that we were, we started to call him Worf...
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                        I have a couple of these, use them for task lighting on the drill press and router table:

                        Sylvania Light Flute - LED task light, check around locally or you can get them through Amazon:

                        A little youtube vid about them:

                        ...very handy, easy to mount/use, and don't cost much...