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OT: Looking for European members of this forum for some assistance

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  • OT: Looking for European members of this forum for some assistance

    I am looking for European members of this forum to possibly assist me. I own a Boley 4L lathe and am looking for a threaded back plate for this lathe. The thread pattern is M40 by
    3.5mm pitch by 55deg thread pattern. I am watching the German Ebay and have sent emails to some German machinery sellers but no luck so far. So if anybody in Europe comes across a backplate for a Boley lathe please either PM me or email me at haroldmulder(@)

    Thanks for your assistance

    Harold Mulder

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    That's an unusual thread. Have you read the spec or have you measured it ?

    Lorch, Emco and others use 39x4mm, and I think it's 60 degrees.

    However, Lorch did use 55 degrees for the dovetails on some of their lathes.

    Anyway, the bottom line is it will be much quicker to thread your own backplate. I used my Lorch to thread a 39x4 back plate for itself. And this is with a plain lathe, and thus stright in feeding - no 29 degree single flank cutting available. Slow, but doable. With a stouter lathe, and 28 degree feed in, much quicker.
    Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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      I know it is an oddball thread but that comes right from the owners manual for the 5L version which is just a fancied up electrified up 4L. I've managed to get one more or less machined up after two trips to a local machine shop and some scraping at home. I would still like to try and find an original piece just in case. Thanks for the response though.