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Flat lathe belts

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    Orrin, thanks for the good description, tucked away in case i ever need it.
    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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      Since the OP was about an automotive serpentine belt, I'll have to agree that I had no luck whatsoever with any kind of tapering, gluing, clamping, etc. It had a short life. Finally settled on butting the ends together and lacing with 18 gauge copper strand wire. Being copper, it was easy to solder the ends of the lace to the adjoining stitch to hold it in place. It's not a permanent method. Have to stop and re-lace when the wire begins to wear. Re-lacing is not as frequent as I think, but it always seems to occur at the worst moment. Guess that's true of a lot of things.


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        I use belts from Tandy Leather they also have a good glue [ Barge AP Cement ]
        The best way is to hang the belt a few weeks or more be for installing on the lathe for a 16 lathe belt use a 30 pound weight. Use a sander for the ends of the belt and over lap [ but gluing will not work ]


        Originally posted by oldjim View Post
        I have rebuilt a SB Heavy 16. The old belt was missing. I have tried cutting , skiving, wrapping and super gluing an automotive serpentine belt. The first try didn't hold very long. The second try is now running but I have little confidence that it will survive the first hard job. I see ads for replacement belts in HSM. Has anyone tried one. I am not totally clear on how the ends are fastened together. Do any of you guys have any experience with this?
        Thanks Jim