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Hydraulic flow control leak

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  • Hydraulic flow control leak

    I got the plastic injection machine up and running. And have a few hydraulic leaks I would like to fix. First one is the speed control for the screw. A Parker brand and it looks like it is leaking from the stem of the adjustment valve. I have never taken one apart before. Looks like the previous owner put a pipe wrench to the base of the valve to try and tighten it. I don’t think it is leaking there. There is oil on top of the adj-knob so I’m thinking it is coming up threw the stem. I found one print on the valve looks like it might be just an O ring in there. Has anyone taken one apart before? Can I just completely unscrew the adj-valve and get to the O ring?


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    lol at noob wrench marks.
    Well, as those knurls don't look like they are going to pass through the housing, id say it problery unscrews. Not many people are crazy enough to knurl something in place so it can never be removed.

    I guess there could be something bolted into it from the other side though. Given it has no wrench flats or signs of abuse, I would wage if does not come out with medium hand torque it has a keeper bolted (or maybe a cerclip) from the inside.
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