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New lathe arrived!

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    Nope, nope, no way, no amount of pleading, you are not going to get your mitts on this little blue lathe!


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      That is a really cute little lathe. Just remember to put a hot water bottle with it at night for the first week so it doesn't wimper so much. How long before it grows up and you can use it?
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        Re: Small lathe:

        When we all are crippled up and bed ridden in old age, i bet a number of us would love to have a little lathe like that . Mounted on one of those bed tables that rolls over the bed for eating, it would be great to turn a few little items, make a few things for the nurses looking after us!!

        (Not sure about keeping the chips out of the bed covers though! ) Lol


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          Stuff the lathes, The older i get the more i feel i would like to do turns with the nurses!