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Whats A Indexing Turret Attachment Worth?

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  • Whats A Indexing Turret Attachment Worth?

    I am purchasing a Emco Maximat Super 11 from a fellow. It has items I have no use for but the fellow who owns it says I should sell the items I have no use for and it will help pay for the lathe.My question is, where should I try to sell it? Ebay? What would it be worth? Its a 6 station I think. I will take a couple of pics and post them.It looks good from everything I can see.Is there another forum I should get on about this piece? Thanks for any input. Dennis

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    List it on Ebay, descibe it well & let the bidding begin. I bet you'll be suprised at what it brings.
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      Like these?


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        If it's genuine Emco you will be shocked how much some will pay!


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          Or is it more like one of these?

          Here's one that would fit my lathe:

          Was on sale for more, now GBP600, still nobody's buying it. Love to have one, but not for that kind of price. It's the sort of thing that might gather dust for years. At least it could keep my 22" faceplate company...

          All of the gear, no idea...


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            Whatever the lathe comes with, sooner or later you'll kick yourself for getting rid of. And when you replace it, it'll cost you three times what you for for the first one.


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              I can second the last comment, now you may not think you need it, but wait until that job comes where you would have wished you could have just rotated the tail stock and not had to change center drill, drill bit, reamer ten or fifteen times. Better just put it away and consider yourself lucky to have it.


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                This is really a neat piece. I had an engineer friend come by and look at it, and he said its the first one he seen with an X & Y . It is a Turret with X & Y capabilities. Its too bad I have no use for it. But the fellow I am buying the Maximat from suggested I sell some of the attachments to help pay for the machine. I will post when I list it.Heres a couple pics if I can post them. Thanks, Dennis

                How can I post pics on here?


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                  Anybody that wants to see this, email me, [email protected] and I will send pics. This nothing like what anybody showed me on their post.