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  • completely ot: crazy canuck

    Johnsville Qc. On a regional road, department of transport built a new road around an electric post. They paved the road and line it around the post. the post is one ft. in one of the lane.

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    Took me a minute to figure out what an electric post is.

    I believe you are referring to this example of monumental advance planning on the part of Quebec's ministry of highways.
    Why am I not surprised? Governments work in strange ways.
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      Its not just in Quebec....
      The town I live in decieded to re-align a portion of the main road that runs in front of the side street that I live on. In an effort to "save" money, the town road crew was given the job. It took them most of the summer to re-do about 1 mile of road, along with several different sub-contractors, since "it was more involved than we thought". When they were finally "done", there was 1 power pole that ended up about 12" into the paved part of the new road. Apparently no one 'in charge' thought to contact the utility company about relocating the pole. It stayed like that until the following summer when they moved the pole, re-paved the area where the pole had been and completed the curbing. They have a simmilar record on other projects around town.

      You can't make this stuff up - no one would believe it!



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        i heard the post paid off a local councillor


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          Originally posted by Luke55 View Post
          Johnsville Qc. On a regional road, department of transport built a new road around an electric post. They paved the road and line it around the post. the post is one ft. in one of the lane.
          It looks like a nice test to see if you are texting while driving.


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            When I come back from a drive on the continent - specifically from France - I am apalled by the state of British roads.

            If you drive through the B-roads of France, which I enjoy - the larger roads often get you stuck behind trucks, while the B-roads give you miles of quick clear driving - you'll often come across a villages where the roads look like patchwork quilts, they've been mended so much. But the thing is these roads feel as smooth as a baby's bottom.

            We've just had several roads resurfaced locally. By resurfaced I mean one team came and fixed some of the worst holes, and another team came later and added a new surface. On part of this, my car, with fairly stiff suspension, goes into stiction shakes. The road looks a uniform colour, but it's a total mess, a series of undulations, like a miniature switchback..

            We have 'road calming measures' here called sleeping policemen, humps or lumps in the road, sometimes about 6ft square, and sometimes 6ft wide but right across the road. Except that the 6ft square is sometimes 5ft square, which means that if you straddle them you ground your exhaust system. The rest of the time you hammer your suspension rubbers, because the detailed shape of the ramp is left to the contractors, and it's sometimes a sudden 30 degree ramp.

            The truth is that most of this kind of thing is run by a bureaucracy that has no feedback, where there is no superior to go out with an engineer to check that the work was done to specification, and anyway the specification was probably written by some over-promoted accountant who doesn't know one end of a car from another.
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              I read that in this morning's paper, shook my head and went to the next article. I believe that situations such as this arise because, in most cases there is no "hierarchy of authority." In this case, repaving, and presumably realigning, the roadway obviously takes precedence over the power company, if for no other reason than vehicular safety. It should therefore follow that, once notified of the situation and the date of the work, Hydro Quebec should have moved the pole-a day's work and a few thousand dollars and it is finished.
              HOWEVER, you can bet your last dollar that the Township, (carrying out the work,) has absolutely NO influence with Quebec Hydro. The net result is that the pole WILL be moved shortly, (mainly because Hydro Quebec now looks like it is run by fools,) and the cost will probably be double what it would have been to move it while the roadwork was either imminent or in progress.
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                Sounds like councils and road experts are the same everywhere.

                They dont care for the damage cause by so called safety measures , these idiots dont have to pay for the increased maintenance to vehicles.

                The boofacrats live in their own insulated world and wouldnt know commonsense if it bit them on the bum.



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                  And people wonder where all there tax dollars go and why services keep getting worse dispite taxes keep going up.

                  Also, I just LOVE speedbumps, yes lets have everyone alternate between slaming on the gas and slaming on the brakes, im sure thats great for fuel efficency, everyone just speeds right back up to 30~40kph after the speedbump anyway, bet they cause more accidents with rearending people who suddently drop to 5kph to go over them.

                  My other fav is some areas where they have lots of stores and put speedbumps on the *ROADS* between the stores, but not the parking lots.
                  Result is people do 40+kph down parking lots to avoid the speedbumps on the road! Heaven forbid anyone travel at a sane speed along the road where theres not parking on either side. Nah, lets have them all go down the allyway with cars parked on both sides trying to back out and people crossing from stores to get to the parking lot.

                  They really need to get rid of speedbumps, what a waste of gasoline/brake pad lining.

                  Put some speed traps in parking lots instead if people start going too fast. At least those only punish those who go too fast and not every single person going through.

                  People like my dad with bad backs perticularly don't enjoy speedbumps, Maybe if someone sued for gas costs, pain and suffering we could end this speedbump madness -_-;
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                    I've some experience with having to move power poles due to construction. Many many times we would get a request to move a pole or line and we'd ask when they needed it by only to be told today or tomorrow. This was mostly done by private contractors with a chip on their shoulders about us being a government owned utility. They expected us to drop everything (actually many had the idea we all just sat around doing nothing) and immediately take care of their problem. The fact that other customers had work scheduled for the coming days didn't ever enter their minds nor the fact that the planning those customers might have to do for the work would be wasted. It's bad enough having to drop everything to correct an outage but having to deal with people like that was exasperating.
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                      "I want it today. If I wanted it tomorrow, I'd order it tomorrow."


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                        Here in our corner of Collin County, Texas, the road crews recently painted miles and miles of new road stripes: yellow down the middle and nice reflective white lines at the edges of the pavement. They even painted the edge lines double width on many curves and intersections. They really did a nice job of it.

                        Four weeks later another crew came along and "patched" the roads, obliterating much of the new markings in the process.

                        I can't really blame the road crews...this kind of incompetence starts at the top and trickles down.


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                          Maybe we can get a new law passed..
                          Criminal incompetence. To be used purely against goverment employees for clearly wasting money due to incompetence.
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                            One corner of my property is approximately in the centre of the road out front. The province is encroaching on my property by about 20 feet at that point. If I really need money some day I will sell it to them. They were notified many years ago and again a few years ago but don't seem concerned. I will have to lay a formal claim and then they have to buy that piece as a percentage of my land assessment based on its size. Right now it is worth about 1k.
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                              Classic nonsense. Goes on all ove rhte world.

                              i just went through a section of brand new road expansion from 2 to 4 lanes. The NEW road bed had 4.5 m deep by 4 m wide square ditches cut across them for concrete culvert installation. The culverts are rectangular section cast in place tunnels with 2 x 2.5 m inner dimensions. BTW, the road bed was built, levelled, prepped and finish paved, and had guard rails installed before these trenches were dug.... The spill from the trenches sits on top of the fresh asphalt paving.... They were still placing the rebar when I went through. 1 crew working in one trench with 6 or 8 other empty trenches sitting open waiting. Looks like it will be another 12 weeks before they get the patching done.

                              There are several areas here where the road bed on the title documents is several 10s of meters to one side of where the actual physical road is. Luckily, so far both sides are owned by the same family now.
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