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Clausing 5900 cross slide questions.

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  • Clausing 5900 cross slide questions.

    I had the cross slide on my 5914 apart to do some repairs. It has been apart for longer than I like to admit. I started to put it back apart and it doesn't seem like the cross slide comes back to the operator far enough. I have not used the lathe before I took it apart and can't remember how far it came back. I still have some of the dovetails showing on the saddle.

    Questions are, can someone give me a measurement from a point to a point on how far there cross slide comes back.

    There is also a roll pin that shows on the parts diagram that goes under the bottom of the slide. Is this used to catch the sheet metal slide plate that covers the screw? Is this also the stop for the cross silde when the sheet metal cover hits the dial housing? The roll pin on mine is there but is either wore or sheared off or drove in to far because it is almost flush with the bottom of the slide.

    Right now when the cross slide stops it is either hitting what is left of the roll pin and the sheet metal cover is up against the dial housing, or is I move it so it doesn't catch the nut is at the end of the threads on the screw and stops. I did weld a new section of acme screw in and the weld is in the way of the nut going over the end. When the nut hits the weld it is only a hair farther in travel then when the roll would hit. This is telling me that the roll pin may be the stop, but is doesn't really look like the cross slide is back far enough. I also posted this on PM so it may be a repeat for some. Thanks.

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    the sheet metal cover is up against the dial housing,

    I have a Colchester Student mate, I have seen a few other models from Colchester lathes, Masters, Bantam and Chipmasters.

    All of them have the cross slide leadscrew cover mounted on the rear of the cross slide. Unless I am missing something, I do not know how this cover could be fouled by the cross slide dial, unless it is on backwards??



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      I just wanted to update this in case it could help someone in the future. Thanks to the anwers on pm, ones from the yahoo group and a little time off to take a good look to what was going on I think I have this figured out. The clausing parts diagram shows the sheet metal screw cover the wrong way. With the cover flipped correctly the roll pin on the bottom of the slide is there to make the cover travel backwards when the slide is moved(the t nut brings it foward). The way the parts manual shows it the roll pin hits the cover and stops the travel short. The slide should travel until it either hits the dial housing or the nut disengages from the screw, which is just about the same place. With the cover installed correctly, I now just need to do a little work to the shaft where I welded on the new threaded section and I will be back in business.