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OT: China out-does Quebec

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  • OT: China out-does Quebec

    As far as leaving things in the middle of highways goes.

    You thought utility poles were too much?

    And Ironically, especially considering the history of the country in question, this time it's not the government's fault.
    "A machinist's (WHAP!) best friend (WHAP! WHAP!) is his hammer. (WHAP!)" - Fred Tanner, foreman, Lunenburg Foundry and Engineering machine shop, circa 1979

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    That's a great story/

    I followed one of the links on that page and read this article.

    .... a Chinese corporation’s plans to build the world’s tallest building in record speed — 2,479 soaring feet in just 90 days — the global studies professor marvelled Thursday: “Ah. There’s nothing they can’t do.”


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      2479 feet tall in 90 days? amazing.
      They can't repave 2479 feet of road around here in 90 days.
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