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Gotta get me a lathe I can stand on, link to REALLY good Youtube channel

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  • Gotta get me a lathe I can stand on, link to REALLY good Youtube channel

    Thanks to justanengineer for reminding me of this link in another thread

    I have spent the last couple of days looking at a lot of his videos and have to say for me "American Crane Part # 3 and Part # 4" are at or very near the top of the list of videos for machining.

    Thanks too to Keith Fenner of Turn Wright Machine Works, you have created a invaluable tool for those of us on a sometimes steep learning curve. I can't imagine how tough it is to produce quality like this while running a business.

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    Yep, I caught that link last weekend too, and have spent several hours over the last week watching Keith Fenner, CLASSIC stuff, just learned something new in the last few minutes watching the first segment of American crane. I can watch this for hours on end, just like watching someone live in their shop.
    I have alot of hours to watch at home while on call for volunteer ambulance, and this is WAY better than what's on TV.


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      I've been following Keith's videos for some time now. A lot of good stuff there. For me it's an opportunity to actually see a machinist at work and if I watch closely I pick up some pointers not mentioned in books. Better to learn from others than try to reinvent the wheel oneself.


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        Ditto, really like his videos and 'get it done' attitude. Also have deep envy for his plasma table...