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  • Looking for a project this winter?

    Here is an astonishing array of fascinating motors from the 1800s. I make prototypes so these look interesting to me.

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    Very very cool, I bet some of the engines guys just might make a "switch" and try one, It's really interesting to see the first attempts like that...


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      Yes, some neet stuff there.

      Not sure how involved in design or how advanced a project you're looking for, but Gingery has a pretty simple beam motor book.



      >> "I make prototypes" ! Got to looking at all the pretty pictures and slipped this! lol
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        Cool stuff, but not for me. I need another project like Custer needed another Indian.
        Definition: Racecar - a device that turns money into noise.


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          I'm in the same boat with the project list, but these things are cool. I like how elegantly these were made, even as demonstration units designed to test or demonstrate a scientific discovery to a other scientists. These is a sense of style about them that seems to reflect the times. Interesting that many of these models seem to utilize a pool of mercury. So if you build one and want to run it, you run the risk of having your shop declared a hazmat dump.