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Eastwood 175 Mig Welder News / Attn. flylo

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  • Eastwood 175 Mig Welder News / Attn. flylo

    Well, following the advice of flylo, I bought an Eastwood 175 Mig. The literature said it weighted 62 lbs.

    but when I got it packed in a very light weight plastic tub with wheels from Wal Mart, it weighed over 70 lbs.

    So, on the flight to Brazil, I had to pay overweight luggage. There went $100. But on the bright side,

    I stuffed a lot of other things in there since with the overweight charge I could go up to 100 lbs.

    Then, after hauling an obscenely heavy piece of luggage home, I put it in my shop. A few days later, I

    got a call saying that the door had been forced open and it looked like I had been robbed. So, without a shower, etc.

    I went roaring down to see what had happened. Sure enough, the door had been forced open and some things stolen,

    including the new welder, still in the plastic Wal Mart case. Hmmmm. Most of the other stuff which was taken was old or

    easily replaceable. Probably about $300 worth of stuff missing. Needless to say, the last few days have been spent reinforcing

    the door.

    While on the sidewalk, studying the situation, a neighbor came by and said that the police had picked up a plastic case which had

    been left on the sidewalk. It seems that the welder was too heavy carry so they just left it near the front of the shop.

    Then, someone called the police and they came by and picked it up and propped something in front of the bent door.

    So, after some hassle and paperwork, miraculously the Eastwood is now back home and I got it working today. By the way, compared to that yellow piece of junk from

    Northern I've been using for years, this is at least ten times better. I can actually lay down a nice looking bead. I would definitely recommend

    it to anyone. Thanks so much flylo!!

    Now I can use the welder to continue the repairs/reinforcement of the door to try and impede future loss.
    Vitَria, Brazil

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    I cant live without my tools. So i have expanded steel over windows ,a steel door with a reinforced studding w steel added to stud around lock area,2 alarms w siren on outside to alarm neighbors if im not home. Im paranoid but would rather not lose tools to a thief. Even if u get HF alarm system better than nothing.


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      Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that I installed an alarm system which is monitored 24 hours a day.

      They call me if anything goes off and send a motorcycle guy there to see what's going on.
      Vitَria, Brazil


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        I'm really glad you like it!
        "Let me recommend the best medicine in the
        world: a long journey, at a mild season, through a pleasant
        country, in easy stages."
        ~ James Madison