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OT: Thanksgiving dinner with our American friends.

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  • OT: Thanksgiving dinner with our American friends.

    In our town there is a school for missionaries children from around the world. The school is mostly American staffed with Canadian and American students. My wife and I are supporters of this school.

    Every year we have Thanksgiving dinner with a group of the families. So to the point. One of our long term friends was telling one of the newer families about how fascinated she was with my Border Collies and how they were trained. The man from the newer family asked about the origin of the Border Collies. I told him that the name came about because the dogs originated at the border between Scotland and England. The man asked in fun if I wore a Kilt when I worked my dogs on the sheep. Now comes the relevant part. My wife knows about the ribbing and jokes I have received on this site pertaining to my sheep restraining machine. When the man mentioned the Kilt my wife went pale and waited for me to share the joke about a kilt and a sheep hearing a zipper from a mile away. She had her foot ready to kick me and put her hand on my arm. I slowly turned my head to her and looked her in the eyes. Her eyes got really big and she gave me the "look". I just smiled and kept on eating. The sigh my wife gave was the loudest I have ever heard.

    Mind you these people are very religious and my joke would not have gone over well.

    Also I might mention that the school just bought a building next to the school and the building is full of metalworking tools and tooling. The school has no idea what to do with the tools and needs the space. The director of the school asked me last night if I would like to have the tools/tooling as they have no use for the tools and he knows I am "into" metalworking. He said he knows there are a couple of big lathes and other stuff that looks like it might be for drilling holes!!!!! Plus a lot of accessories he thinks goes with the machines. My wife rolled her eyes and gave me a smile. I told the Director that the tools might be worth some money to someone. He told me to take what I want because we have been such big supporters of the school.

    There might be a big gloat coming!
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    Originally posted by Black Forest View Post

    Mind you these people are very religious and my joke would not have gone over well.
    All the more reason

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      Re: Very religious:

      You never know, your'e sheep stories may have had them laughing big time, as maybe they needed a bit of a distraction from their daily grind!

      Looking forward to any more Gloats!!