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stuart beam engine casting kit - what's it worth?

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  • stuart beam engine casting kit - what's it worth?

    I have this old kit from england that is just not my thing. One date on the plans is 1971, and another on an envelope said 1965. This thing is packed in straw!
    Considering placing it on CList, but don't know what a fair price would be.
    I did not count every piece, but it looks complete and has some BA taps and bolts. Any suggestions on price?

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    That seems to be of superb quality. It's so niche, however, you'll get nothing for it on CL.


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      Well, realistically, £150?



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        thanks - 285 BSP is around $450, plus shipping overseas. I saw some others that were like $1500, so I needed calibration.
        Was not sure if there was a quality difference in the old sets to ones you get today. . . . I thought about making it, but just have zero interest in it.


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          Stuart kits are known to have superb cast iron .
          The prints seem to be in amazingly good condition !

          Having BA taps, was not part of a normal kit, they had to be purchased seperately to go with the fasteners , which were included
          I would think 350 to 500 bucks would be a good range for this "valued kit" as the taps are worth 50 or so.


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            Morrison Miniature Machines currently lists them at $530.00. They also sell the BA taps. As I recall 3 or 4 different taps cover the sizes needed not including pipe taps.


            I seem to remember some discussion on the HMEM site concerning dimensional discrepancies between the older "original" casting sets compared to the new. I have an older set that I am working at in fits & starts. I might get back to it this winter out of shame, they are fine castings.

            Edited to add that I just saw the paragraph in red on the front page of their catalog. Sorry state of affairs that, but just the beginning I fear.
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            Jim H.


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              Coles Model Power lists that engine for $504 so I would ask $504...shipping included. The kit you have shown is brand new, complete and's a new item. Ask 4 dollars less and include shipping. If someone wants it they can buy yours or someones else's for more money. It's viable, don't give it away.

              I built that same engine from Stuart in 1971 and still have it. It's a fun project.



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                Stuart beat me to the information on Coles Power Model's website. The price list they show is dated January 2011. Stuart Turner's website, does not show this among the casting sets they currently offer, so that could add to the desirability of what you have.


                I just followed my own link to Stuart Turner's website. They DO show the Stuart Beam Engine set of castings for 235 BP, which converts to $376.72 USD. I think this is a recent addition to what their website has shown.

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                  Oh, and too bad about Morrison Miniature Machines, Maybe if Texas secedes they can set up business there :-)



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                    Thanks again guys. I thought Stewart was the type of engine and not the company that made it.
                    the prints are reverse image photocopies of the blueprints from the kit.
                    I'm going to base off the US supplier prices.
                    Since I can't place for sale ads here I won't say what price I have decided on. since although it is not made - it is still an open box purchase and maybe a screw or something slipped out over 40 years.

                    Thanks for all the information.
                    (Hint: Boston tools ) *
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