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Source for plastic injection mold components?

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  • Source for plastic injection mold components?

    I have a bunch of E-mails out pricing aluminum mold bases. Now I need to find a supplier for the other components, locating ring, sprew, striper pins and so on. I found DME looks like they are the MSC of the injection world, Not cheap but they have it. I found a few other places to but I want a one stop shop. Can y’all throw out some other places to look?

    Next question is part spacing in the cavity. I’m working up a CAD drawing and need a good rule of thumb for part spacing in the mold. I’m thinking of a 4 cavity mold (round cones) but a 2.055 diameter putting 4 in an 8X8 mold might get tight. So what are y’all thoughts on this?

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    HASCO for Metric and DME (or DMS) for Imperial is what I always used when I worked as a mould designer. There are others too, they are just slipping my mind at the moment.

    As for spacing it's hard to comment without seeing a layup of how you have them positioned and your intended runner and gating arrangement, as well as ejection and cooling circuits. Our rule of thumb was 0.200" MINIMUM space between any feature of a mould cavity to something else, like another cavity or water line etc. But often that was still not nearly enough room.

    Also, seeing as you are using aluminum I would be tempted to be more generous with the space, as the aluminum will wear faster and obviously is not as rigid and strong as a steel mould base would be.
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      As mentioned, Hasco and DME. Also Progressive Components, PCS, and Mold Base Industries come to mind. It's hard to come up with a one stop shop, especially if cost is a concern.



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        Forget DME, their quality has gone to toilet. One hot shot gating system has now been repaired 4 times, and every time the injector nozzle torpedoes have been broken. Also, the heater block was machined out of spec and seeing that it had scripe marks it was drilled on a drill press with hand (non)precision.

        Hasco, Meusburger, Fodesco I would count my life on.
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          Gosh, I want to think I saw some die parts in the big Misumi book.


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            We used to use Superior Die for components and bases They were cheaper than others but the quality was hit and miss sometimes. Should be fine for your use though.