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What type of grinding equipment does everyone have in their shop?

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  • What type of grinding equipment does everyone have in their shop?

    I'm just curious about this one, mills and lathes are pretty common and standard equipment for home shop machinists, but who has grinding equipment, and what sort of grinding machines do you have?

    I have an 8x18" Jones and Shipman cylindrical grinder with hydraulic powerfeed, infeed and zero stop features, coolant and a high speed ID grinding spindle. I also will be getting an old Reid 2C manual Surface grinder in my shop soon that need a full overhaul.

    I'd like to add a hydraulic surface grinder and a tool and cutter grinder as well.

    What do u have?

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    I've owned this BP 8x15" surface grinder for a couple years now and still haven't hooked up any power to it.



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      When you do connect it up, check the metering valves if it uses a Bijur oiler, I had to replace all of mine on my new to me B&S 6x12.

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        I have the small 6" X 12" GRIZZLY surface grinder.
        But I also have buyers remorse, as I could've grabbed a full-sized surface grinder for the price I paid for the Grizzly.


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          I had a surface grinder for a year so and never used it, sold it to a member here. Now I kinda wish I still had it

          I have a really nice 8" wolf grinder setup with green and white wheels and a nice canwood belt sander. Also a small 1" belt sander. I have a 6" wissota with wire wheels on it


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            Haven't seen any "Canwood" Equipment for some time.

            Me,--- just the usual bench/belt grinders, (4), and picked up a used "Do-All" 3x48 belt sander that needs a good cleanup.


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              I had a Reid/Cleveland for about 3 years. Used it one a year, if that. Sold it a couple months ago. Dont miss it.

              I do have a Tsugami Carbide Tool grinder. A pretty rare bird.


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                damn lists - makes me feel guilty. Off the top of my head... (I'm sure there are more buried!)

                -B&S 2L surface grinder- stalled restoration, but it will get done
                -6 inch Baldor bench
                -10 inch Baldor bench on stand
                -10 inch Baldor buffer/grinder
                -6 inch Baldor tool grinder with Diamond and CBN
                -2x72 Shop-built variable speed belt grinder
                -6x48 pos Grizzly 5000sfm (3600rpm) belt grinder with 12 inch disk
                -Darex M5 drill sharpener
                -Darex 70 reamer/countershink sharpener
                -handful of 4.5 inch angle grinders
                -pos 7 inch angle grinder (labled "Hilti", but is Chinese rip-off junk).
                -Several dremels
                -Hanging Fordom grinder
                -Several 5-8 inch Angle grinders Metalmagpie left for me to fix

                Edit : forgot a couple!

                -Tormak slow wet grinder
                - Drill Dr. Like new, for LEFT hand drills only
                - Stihl USG Chain grinder with cbn (many more uses than just chains)
                - Electric die grinder
                - Couple of air die grinders
                - Converted wood to abrasive cut-off miter saw (hey, it grinds!).

                edit again :

                - toolpost grinder!

                Frigg... I need to thin the herd.
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                  Lets see know not to many:
                  6x12 Harig
                  Baldor 2x42 belt sander
                  Darex end mill sharpener
                  Darex drill sharpener
                  Baldor 6" grinder stone on one end wire wheel on the other
                  couple of 4 1/2" angle grinders
                  Dremel kit
                  1/4" inline air grinder
                  dang thought I had more guess its time to go shopping.


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                    Is we countin the incidental stuff? I figured this was for big equipment.....

                    But, just offhand....... from small end generally upwards...

                    Several Dremels,
                    Foredom setup
                    The usual angle grinder
                    A couple hand cranked wheel grinders
                    Drill Dr (does that pos even qualify?)
                    Glendo diamond wheel machine
                    Unknown standard double bench grinder
                    Slow speed wet wheel grinder
                    Delta belt/disk sander/grinder
                    Cobbled-up T&C grinder

                    That's already more than I thought was here, and I think there is at least one more that I am not remembering.

                    Edit: one (used to be 2) toolpost grinder... I knew there was at least one more than I listed at first.
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                      What brand is that? We have 8 grinders of various size at work, a couple about that size. Our biggest is a 24"x72" monster.


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                        Besides regular things like bench/belt/angle/die grinders, I have a Boyar-Schultz 6x12 surface grinder, toolpost grinder for my lathe, Cuttermaster endmill grinder (just bought) and a Black Diamond drill grinder. A few different fixtures allow me to do some cylindrical/taper grinding on my surface grinder as well as to sharpen reamers and counterbores.


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                          Besides a Huge 240 plus Pound Monkey with No Front Teeth have a Norton Surface Grinder equipped with a dave Coffer Speed Control VFD. Got Grinder free , took apart fixed, Handy to have but dont use much.


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                            A 1981 Kent KGS200 6x14 manual surface grinder with coolant/dust collector system, a 1962 vintage Black Diamond #2B, a Craftsman 6" bench grinder from the '70's, a Metabo 4" angle grinder and various little hand-held Dremels.


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                              Originally posted by J Tiers View Post
                              Is we countin the incidental stuff? I figured this was for big equipment.....

                              Thats what I thought too. I figured everyone has a bench, angle, and die grinder.

                              One of the many tools that were handed down to me is a baldor on a pedestal that I use for buffing. However it came with a 20x24" box full of wheels, all sorts of them from stones to wires to plastics. Wire wheels coated in red, green and white plastic. Plastic "wire" wheels of all different colors as well. Brown stones, white stones, green stones, gray stones, all different sizes and shapes. I have no idea what half of them are for and I doubt I will ever use even half of them.