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  • OT Howard 12 Rotary Hoe

    Has anyone on here had the drive shaft of a Howard 12 rotary hoe apart? I'm dismantling a hoe at the moment for restoration but am stumped with either getting the clutch off at one end of the drive shaft or the pinion off the other end. I've tried the usual persuasion techniques using moderate amounts of force, I'm reluctant to reach for the BFH without first getting expert advice. Any words of wisdom or experience out there?

    A bit of info on Howard agricultural products and the Howard 12......

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    Now Bob, I think the first thing you need to do is take the castle nut off the end of the shaft before you can pull the pinion! Just a thought.
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      No direct experience, but looks like perhaps removing the pinion nut and then pulling the clutch & shaft out the other side. Looks to me like that pinion gear isn't going anywhere until the shaft is withdrawn.


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        Looks like he has the castle nut removed in the top pic.

        I'd bet it is either keyed or on a taper shaft (which can be a real booger to get loose sometimes). I would try a pickle bar on the pulley side and gently try to pop it loose. It has to install that way because the shaft would otherwise interfere with the opposite side of the housing (unless it was supposed to install before the pumpkin is bolted to the driveshaft housing).

        You could also try some judicious and careful torch heat...
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          Bob, can't help you with your'e fix, just wanted to say i had a " Howard Bantam" model rotovator.

          It was a great, well built little machine, the tiller was only 12 inches wide, made i presume for going between the rows.