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  • Cool Project for work

    Boss came over yesterday and told me we might have a problem with a new brake rotor vendor....possible thickness variation issues due to incorrect grinding procedures....tasked me (because if he goes to engineering they'll take a month to design it) with building an apparatus with which to quickly check thickness variations on multiple part numbers. I figured I had a week or 2 to come up with the 4 devices he asked he tells me, he wants to see one tomorrow.

    1 day for "engineering" and production....and I can only work on it once I get home. The rotary chuck is just what used to see how it will be in tomorrow to construct better test spindles....just finished up the pretty damn good

    The rods are all adjustable to accommodate different rotors. I chose to put the indicator where I did for protection from bending the probe. The 2 arms float to cancel out any runout issues, which we're not concerned with for the sake of this test. Made mostly
    from scrapbinium...until I get bossman's approval in the morning.

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    Doesn't your boss have a brake lathe? Not so much for cutting the rotors strait but for checking thickness.


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      Very nice - looks like your at close to a 1 to 1 ratio too,

      You guys are spot on with being critical about thickness - minor runnout will just fret pads where they contact the calipers some, but even minor thickness discrepancies will cause pedal pulsations and really wear all kinds of things out and also be unsafe...