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  • Rpc

    Finally finished up the installation of my RPC. I've had a few "events" that took precedence such as wife in ICU, car wreck, new job, laying laminate floor, building banisters at the front & rear doors, etc. However now its up & running and I should be able to get my Logan 14 X 30 "on line" ASAP.

    Purchased a rebuilt 10 HP Lincoln motor from a local rewind shop for $300. Whole lot cheaper than a new one.

    I also bought a "Phase Craft" rotary phase converter control panel off Ebay. Sure made life simpler and easier. Jim (the owner of the company) is very easy to work with and quite helpful. The craftsmanship in the assembly of the unit is quite high.

    If anyone else is in the market for a similar unit I highly recommend purchasing his products.

    BTW, the usual disclaimers apply. Just a very happy customer.


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    Can any of it be put in pictures?


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      Originally posted by ogre View Post
      Can any of it be put in pictures?
      Here's a link to his 5HP unit.

      Here's a link to pics of my Logan

      I'll try to get new pics of the Logan & RPC together sometime soon.


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        So correct me if I am wrong . I buy one of those electrical boxes with all the magic all ready in side and connect it to my motor and then I will have a rotary phase converter. Correct.
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          For $140 if you don't have a clue that is a good way to get a phase converter. He shows what he as put inside when no one else will. If I didn't know how to build one I'd buy one from him.

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