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  • Filing Cabinet Draw Slides

    I recently scrapped a four draw filing cabinet, I laid the carcass on its side to store longer lengths of metal in and now have some draw sliders left. Has anyone come up with an alternitive use for these slides? A small tool cutter grinder comes to mind, Any constructive ideas welcome.

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    I would expect not enough precision to make a decent tool grinder. But I've been wrong before.

    How about for hanging some more storage drawers in the shop? Can't have too much storage space.



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      I use the metal from file cabinets for a lot of things. Can't say I've ever used the draw slides. And, for the life of me, I can't picture how one would use the draw slides as a tool cutter grinder.


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        Ive used them in the past to mount a steel tray as a drawer under a bench. Worked fine.


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          Here's something you could possibly use them for...or at least an idea:

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            The slides in my filing cabinet have diecast wheels made of muck-metal, which has worn unevenly and would be unsuited to any sort of precision application. It would be worth checking yours, as I doubt it would be worth making new wheels.



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              just throwing stuff out is a real problem for many of us hoarders. i have a barn full of those sort of things. the wife thinks im nuts. . . maybe she knows the real me

              i've got a half dozen seets of new ones left over from when i built my kitchen cupboards. been nearly 25 years now. they are still in the plastic wrappers. . . hummm


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                The slides I'm asking about are like linier slides and run on 56 balls. The closed length is 23" and the extended length is 41".
                I was thinking about using two of them and mounting an aluminium t slotted extrusion on them. When the drawers were mounted the cabinet I had over 175 lbs in one of the drawers and they slid in and out smoothly, they are much more sturdy construction than kithchen drawers. (similar to these)


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                  I have seen them used as axis slides for a light duty router, or as the wire carriers for a foam cutting machine - x and Z axis at 1 end, X' & Z' at the other.


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                    My homemade pc board drilling table has ball bearing drawer slides in the head and in the x and y axis. All the side play is taken out using some pressure. You don't feel any play and the axis still move smoothly- the head also rides up and down easily without play. I'm sure there would be some flex though- not something you'd want to put much side pressure on and expect no deviation.
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                      If you can find some thin sheet metal and are good with a folder etc, you could use them to make a nice four draw filing cabinet

                      All of the gear, no idea...