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OT: 18th century woodworking shop identified in Duxbury, Massachusetts

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  • OT: 18th century woodworking shop identified in Duxbury, Massachusetts

    DUXBURY — What experts are calling “the rarest of the rare” and “a once in a lifetime find” — a largely intact woodworking shop dating from the latter half of the 18th century — has been discovered in Duxbury on the site of a private school for children.

    “It is an extraordinary find,” said professor J. Ritchie Garrison, a specialist in American material culture who hurried from the University of Delaware to take a look at the shop last month when he heard about the find. “It’s National Historic Landmark status.”
    -end quote-



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    Agreed, if this is authentic, what an incredible discovery!!

    Very interesting that this building has survived to date. Amazing also that the people using it for storage had no clue that this appeared to be very old!!


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      I'm glad to read some people actually appreciate the find and plan on preservation. Excellent find and article thanks for posting it.

      BTW, not really OT as it is of extreme historical significance.


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        The guy/guys working in that shop probably put in 10 hour days and worked 6 days a week at that time.


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          That's the first I've heard of it, thanks. A co-worker who lives in Duxbury recently lent me a book "Shipbuilding on the North River" or something like that, I think published by the local historical society. The book starts with a couple of chapters on other manufacturing there; apparently it was quite an active industrial area then, taking advantage of the water power. I have a parlor reed organ made in Duxbury too.